Location: Turkey
Area: 96 m2
Time to Design: 3 Hrs
Heavy steel: Yes
RollFormer Machine: FRAMECAD
Longest Member: 7.50   m
Characteristic Value of Snow Load:
sk = 0.75 kN/m2
Fundamental Basic Wind Velocity:
vb,0 = 28.00 m/s
Basic Velocity Pressure:
qb = 0.40 kN/m2
Reference Value of Peak Ground Acceleration:
agR = 0.30 m/s2

Project Description

Looking for the perfect structure for your garage, storage, or parking space? 

Our LSF-designed structure with dimensions of 8m x 12m is just what you need! 

 High-quality, durable, and tailor-made to suit your needs, our structures provide ample space and functionality. 

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