Location: Qatar
Area: 13 m2
Time to Design: 1 Day
Heavy steel:
Characteristic Value of Snow Load:
sk = kN/m2
Fundamental Basic Wind Velocity:
vb,0 = m/s
Basic Velocity Pressure:
qb = kN/m2
Reference Value of Peak Ground Acceleration:
agR = m/s2

Project Description

Building a container relief center isn’t just for those displaced by disaster – containers can also house and protect those sent to serve. When the Red Cross or other disaster response teams show up, disaster relief workers need somewhere to stay. With hotel rooms at a premium due to the number of displaced families seeking a place to stay, relief teams can set up onsite using previously prepared structures. 

Conex housing is available with various floor plans to accommodate sleeping quarters, showers, office space, site storage, or other needs. Multiple conex boxes can serve as a disaster recovery command center where teams can easily deploy knowing they’ll have comfortable and secure living quarters to return to each night.

In the case of the global pandemic, some hot spots like New York City had more patients than they could handle and needed to house frontline workers from around the country to temporarily serve as healthcare professionals. Conex housing could help provide relief in this scenario in similar ways conex boxes provided relief as temporary COVID-19 testing facilities and mobile treatment centers. The United States Air Force even transported COVID-19 patients in modified shipping containers.

Conex Size : 2.2X6m

Package included with :


  1. HRS Shop drawings and connection details 
  2.  Steel BOQ
  3. Light steel frame Drawings +roll forming file 


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