Lgsfdesign is leading structural engineering Group focused on designing LSF, HRS, RCC as well as Hybrid structures and providing all (with) calculation plans. Lgsfdesign is dedicated to providing the customers with the very best of industry, with an emphasis on commitment, customer satisfaction, and optimal cost.

Our services will help people to imagine, to see, and to have their dream home designconfidently. With more than 17 years of experience and a myriad of house plans sold globally, Lgsfdesign gets a remarkable situation in the industry. (Nominate projects and countries) have come a long way from its beginnings.

At lgsfdesign.net, our purpose is simple: Select your dream home confidently and stay on budget! All sections are designed to execute the services in the most user-friendly way. (The process is trying to lead you smoothly to your favorite home plan during the journey).

The start point of the business was 2009 when Mr. Alireza A.N., who was graduated in the master of mechanical engineering and structural engineering, started out by working with Framecad machine F300 and designing numerous house plans for individuals. His passion for "eco-friendly structures” drove him to develop business under the new brand, with a new team, and a new strategy.

Lgsfdesign has more than 500 international projects in the background and more than 200 customers from companies and individuals.

Today, this network has exponentially grown and has more than 6,000 followers, customers who are keen on the steel frame, concrete structures, composite structures as well as hybrid projects. If you are … or … Join our business network today! Lgsfdesign is the best business platform to make the LSF industry experts shine through.