The S/HGAM is designed to secure the bottom chord of a gable end truss or other framing member to masonry. The engineered gusset in the angle increases strength for lateral and uplift loads. This hurricane gusset angle installs easily with #14 screws to a rafter or truss and with Titen Turbo™ masonry screws to concrete or masonry.



Key Features


• Engineered for increased loads in high-wind or seismic events

• Sold in kits with Titen Turbo screws (TNT25234H)




• 68 mil (14 ga.)




• Galvanized (G90)




• Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes

• Connectors attached to CMU/concrete using hex-head Titen Turbo screws

• Attach to grout-filled CMU with a minimum of one #5 rebar horizontal in the top lintel block

• Hurricane ties do not replace solid blocking


Ordering Information


The S/HGAM10KT is a kit of (10) connectors with (40) 1/4" x 2 3/4" Titen Turbo screws


Load Tables




Model No. Connector Material Thickness mil (ga.) Fasteners Allowable Uplift Loads
To Rafter / Truss To CMU To Concrete 33 mil (20 ga.) 43 mil (18 ga.)
S/HGAM10KT 68 (14 ga.) 4 — #14 4 — 1/4 x 2–3/4 Titen Turbo 4 — 1/4 x 1–3/4 Titen Turbo 810 850



  1. Min. f'm = 1,500 psi and f'c = 2,500 psi.
  2. Minimum edge distance is 1 1/2" for Titen Turbo screws.
  3. The products shall be installed such that the Titen Turbo screws are not exposed to the weather.