The S/B installs to structural steel or cold-formed steel members for support of cold-formed steel joists. The design provides dimensional accuracy and helps to ensure proper bearing area and connection. These modifiable, high-capacity, top-flange hangers are manufactured with precision forming and quality control.

Key Features


• Attaches to cold-formed steel members with screws or to structural steel with powder-actuated fasteners or welds

• Can be skewed to a maximum of 45°

• These load-rated hangers have been tested and code listed




• 97mil (12 ga.)




• Galvanized (G90)




Cold-Formed Steel:

• May be attached to cold-formed steel supporting members with screws to the face and top flanges and provide capacities for downward and uplift.

Structural Steel:

• May be attached to structural steel support members with powder-actuated fasteners or welds. For powder-actuated fasteners use PDPAT-62KP (0.157" x 5/8") and provide full penetration as required. For welds, use a minimum of 1/8" x 2" fillet weld on each top flange as required. Distribute the weld equally on both flanges. Capacities are provided for downward loads.




Skew hanger limitations:

• May be skewed up to a maximum of 45º. Widths for skewable sections are limited to a maximum of 5 1/4" (specify right or left skew).