CS coiled utility straps are an ideal solution when it is desired to brace wall studs via the flanges with strap. These products are packaged in lightweight cartons (about 40 pounds) and can be cut to length on the job site.
Key Features

Available in shorter rolls for smaller projects

Used for roof uplift and shear wall overturning resistance

A cost-effective alternative to pre-cut straps


• See Table.


Galvanized (G90); ZMAX®


Use all specified fasteners. See General Notes.

Refer to the applicable code for minimum edge and end distance.

The table shows the maximum allowable loads and the screws required to obtain them. See footnote #1. Fewer screws may be used as given by footnote #3.


Load Tables



  1. Use half of the fasteners in each member being connected to achieve the listed loads.
  2. For CS straps: End Length (inches) = 1/2 total fasteners + 1".
  3. Total Cut Length = End Length + Clear Span + End Length.
  4. Calculate the connector value for a reduced number of screws as follows: Allowable Load =

  5. Loads are based on lesser of steel strap capacity and AISI S100 fastener calculation.