The CMST is a continuous utility strap designed to resist tension and uplift loads. This coiled strap can be cut to length on the jobsite and used in a double 2x stud or post application. The CMST is ideal for many applications including resisting uplift in a floor-to-floor application and also resisting tension in a horizontal application.



Key Features


• CMSTC option available, which comes with countersunk nail slots for lower profile when installed with 0.148" x 3 1/4" sinkers

• Used for roof uplift and shearwall overturning resistance

• A cost-effective alternative to pre-cut straps




• See table




• Galvanized (G90)




• Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.

• Wood shrinkage after strap installation across horizontal wood members may cause strap to buckle outward.

• Refer to the applicable code for minimum nail penetration and minimum wood edge and end distances.

• The table shows the maximum allowable loads and the nails required to attain them. Fewer nails may be used; reduce the allowable load as shown in the Straps and Ties General Notes.

• For lap splice and alternative nailing information, see tables below.

• The cut length of the strap shall be equal to twice the “End Length” noted in the table plus the clear span dimension.

• Use only every other round hole if the wood tends to split.

• Fill round and triangle holes for loads shown. If wood tends to split, fill only round hole and double the end length listed for full load.


Lap Splicing


• Lap splicing of coiled straps can be used to extend standard strap lengths for designing continuous drag elements and diaphragm chord members. The Strap Lap Splices table provides the minimum splice length (Lsp) and fasteners, within the splice length, to achieve the highest allowable capacity of the strap.

• The Allowable Loads for Alternative Nailing table provides information for coiled straps when installed with different nailing schedules. The highest allowable load given for each model is limited by the steel capacity.

• The Engineer/Designer of Record must evaluate and determine the adequacy of the coiled strap’s lap splice and alternative nailing applications to meet their design loads.