Sometimes we face challenges in structural design for which we have to find the right solution.In addition to being a viable solution, it must have enough strength. But it is not easy to check whether the proposed solution has the necessary strength or not. And need to have specialized software and sufficient knowledge to use them. In the structure you see below, I think one of the challenges is to check the strength of the balcony, which is very important.



It should be noted that the design of above structure has not been done by me and i just checked the highlighted area.

We have to consider two main parameters in the analysis: 1)allowable displacement 2)allowable stress



I have checked both parameters. and they were in range .For more detailed analysis, I began to check more details.For example, in the graph below, you can see the displacement we have in the main load-bearing joist.



Or by observing the axial forces in the bearing members, as well as having the maximum shear strength of screw, the required number of screws in that connection can be achieved (below image).

Or, with support torques, suitable connections can be designed.



A principled and accurate design occurs when all critical items are examined.

I enjoy doing this. how about you ?